We all have a tendency to get stuck in a rut of habitual behavior. Get up, drive to work, work all day, do house chores and child care…the list goes on. It’s easy to lose ourselves and what is important to us. Day by day, we get further away from the how we thought life would be. We can become numb to ourselves and automatic in our lives. We lose our authentic selves and our ability to feel joy and fulfillment.

Years can go by and then one day the question arises: “where am I and how did I get here?” And, if nothing changes, nothing will be different moving forward. This workshop, “Where Am I, How Did I Get Here and Where Am I Going” is designed to examine answers to these questions through an exploratory journey into self. We want you to return to self, connect to self and wake up to self.

We will use movement and proven experiential processes to examine beliefs and habits that limit our creativity and hamper our ability to live our most authentic life. We will explore how behaviors, choices, and other factors create our current lifestyle. We will reflect on its congruence with our values. We will identify forces that distract us from our priorities and limit our potential. You learn to live from a place of authenticity and mindfulness to better guide the path forward.

Our Vision: For all people to live with a sense of fulfillment buoyed by joy, self-compassion and a commitment to live with mindfulness and integrity.

We sincerely hope you will join us on this journey into self.