What do I need to do to prepare for a workshop?

Show up! And, come with an open mind and stay open to the possibility of change. Right now, you are enough and know enough.


How much of the workshop is lecture? Movement?

The “lecture” portion of the workshop includes didactic information, discussion, shared group time and some of the exercises. The movement portion which includes yoga, free-form movement and dance. Movement often forms the foundation in which the didactic information is delivered; thus, we are always integrating both lecture and movement. As every workshop is different based on attendees, we monitor what is in the best interest of the group during a workshop. We strive to keep it fairly even.


I see that yoga is part of the workshop. I’ve never done yoga. Can I still participate?

The yoga and movement in this workshop is appropriate for all levels even for those with no experience. We encourage full participation.


Do I have to participate in each activity of the workshop?

The activities are all carefully designed to maximize a deepening and reflective process and we encourage full participation. However, each person is the authority of herself/himself and exercising choice is important. As the facilitators, we may gently nudge and encourage you to explore what is getting in the way of full participation. Please note that how you choose to participate has an effect on the whole group just as the group has an effect on you.


I’m scared of what may come up for me. What if if feels too intense or too many issues arise?

It makes sense that this workshop could be scary regarding what can emerge. We are constantly paying attention to each person in the training. And while we want everyone to have a deepening and reflective process, we do not want anyone to feel flooded or overwhelmed. Our facilitation of exercises takes this into account. We are also available for check-ins on an individual basis should anyone need it during the workshop. If necessary, we can give you names of therapists in the area.


The cost of the workshop is too high for me. Do you offer sliding scale pricing?

We understand that money can be an issue and we will do our best to discuss this with you. While we will make any arrangement that is deemed necessary, we do not always have the final say with financial issues. When we are the hosts of the workshop, we have a say in pricing and payment arrangements. When we are guest facilitators at a hosting venue, financial costs and payments is through them.


Is there a follow-up process to the workshop?

All of the workshop and classes we offer have related themes.We encourage you to visit the web site for new classes that may interest you. We may offer a follow-up series when there is significant interest from workshop participants. Topics, dates, times and fees will be determined at the end of a workshop.


If I have taken the workshop before, does it make sense to take it again?

Absolutely! Many people have taken this workshop more than once and they get so much out of taking it a second time. There are a few reasons why this may happen. Firstly, your starting point is not the same; therefore, it will be a different journey to going deeper and learning more about self. Secondly, you will wear less “armor” which will change how you are within the class. Thirdly, the group will be different; thus, your experience will be different.


I took this workshop and thought it was great. How can I help promote it?

We are really happy you had a great experience. The best way to promote this workshop is word of mouth. Share your experience and others will be inspired to enroll. If you know of venues that would be a great hosting site, let us know or ask the venue to sponsor us. Thank you!


What if have more questions that are not answered on the website?

Contact any of the facilitators directly. See bios for contact information.