Our Story

Just like many stories of great relationships and inventions, the “Where am I?” workshop was an unplanned creation between two passionate providers. We (Kathleen & DJ) were originally introduced by a mutual acquaintance to discuss integrated practices, but before long we realized a shared curiosity for living more authentically both personally and for our patients. We were motivated to collaborate by the end of our first meeting in fall of 2015. Both of us quickly grew an appreciation for our perspective disciplines and skill sets to begin planning a dynamic, powerful experience for students seeking balance and conscious living. Kathleen was inspired by the work of Brene Brown and DJ was curious about using Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training in a more expansive and integrated way. A workshop soon evolved and became a reality.

Always in a reflective and self-evaluatory process after our workshops, we decided to we needed another piece for increasing the experiential, mindfulness and movement capacity of the class. We approached yoga instructor, Sharon, to help add these components. As we moved forward with the addition of Sharon and the yoga/movement piece, we knew we were creating something special. We understand the journey to live more authentically cannot be achieved in a single workshop as it is a commitment to self that demands ongoing attention. The positive responses of students as well as our own practice to live with intention drew us to plan more workshops. Thus, the “Where am I?” workshops, seminars and series were born.