Accountability for our choices and behaviors leads to greater autonomy and freedom for growth.

Balance allows for establishing healthy priorities in all areas of our lives.

Compassion as we practice empathy and kindness to ourselves and others as we nourish genuine connection.

Curiosity as a lifelong approach to gain understanding of ourselves and others.

Play as a means to vulnerability, creativity and authenticity.

Gratitude as we appreciate today and all the gifts of life. 

Resilience for all beings to allow for change, growth and the ability to rise stronger.

Self-Acceptance as a commitment and pledge to living whole-heartedly.

Self-Awareness of our internal states and our effect on others and community.

Non-judgment as we embrace the uniqueness of others and ourselves.

Community by building connection one person at a time and one community at a time to lift all of us.

Integrity is knowing what is right in our hearts and guides our behaviors.